Our Office

Our office is a place that dreaming happens, creative thoughts come to life and many many many hours of editing takes place. We are not only the people behind this blog, but we are wedding/portrait photographers behind Matt and Tish

We believe an office should feel welcoming and inspiring. We love the natural light that fills the room. Our desk was actually made the morning of Thanksgiving last year. We hosted family and didn’t have enough room around our dining table. Matt, with no hesitation, grabbed the thrifted  hair pin legs and a remaining piece of wood from our kitchen renovation and made this table in 20 minutes! A couple months later the table became our office desk!

We love that our office has the space for a couch. It allows for comfortable space to think, to curl up on over a cup of coffee or our kids favorite is to take the cushions off and build a fort. 

This space is filled with thrifted finds, drift wood from our travels and of course plants! 

The big throw pillow is from Target and the amazing rug is a Mexchic rug.

We also use this space for portrait sessions. We have even emptied this space out for a styled brunch photo shoot for a magazine spread! This space continues to inspire and be used in many ways!!