The sun shone brighter this week and the air felt warmer. I wore dresses without sweaters and it felt so good! 

My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came in from LA this week. Our time has been sweet this week. All growing up our lives rarely crossed but in the last five years we have grown a relationship that I am really thankful for. We love that our work brings us to LA often which allows us to see them often! 

It’s been a good week and we are looking forward to this weekend!!

1. My Greyson turned 5 this week! I can’t even believe it!! He loves to snuggle, he loves legos and he will draw for hours. I am so grateful for these 5 years and I am excited for another 500 more!! 

2. My brother runs one of the coolest Skate shops around. It was the building that Walt Disney began his journey.

3 I was able to meet one of our couples in person that we will be photographing in May at the best wedding venue in Albuquerque. A majority of our couples are out of state so it is always so much fun to meet them in person prior to the wedding day! 

4. I added to my plant addiction. I will blog about all my plant babies soon!

5. I did some more photographing for The Bee and the Fox. Be sure to check the tee’s out and all the vintage finds, you won’t regret it!

6. I am obsessed with the new line that Ikea just launched!! Give me all the pretty rattan!! 

7. Been trying to decide on what workout clothes I should purchase. Suggestions? Please comment with your favorite brands! 

8. I decided to go with my sister to the BlogHer conference in June. I am still new to this world of blogging and so together we are hoping to learn a lot and connect with others who are doing this blogging thing well! 

9. My husband bought a new truck just over a week ago and the other night someone tried to steal it. Why? Why? Why? So that was irritating and just feels like such a violation of our space. Let’s just say we added some extra security to our home and to the truck! Also, we love our doorbell we installed because it allowed us to know when someone attempted to steal our truck.

10. Taxes taxes taxes! Almost done with the dreaded taxes.

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