Do you have dry hair or a dry scalp? I know I face this during different seasons in the year. Dryness has been a struggle lately as we come out of the winter months and so without hesitation, I ordered some new product from Aesop!

Aesop products are filled with natural oils and a variety of widely sourced plant-based ingredients. To top it off the product smells amazing!! I love the way my hair smells and I always enjoy walking into their store. Their stores smell amazing, their design is perfectly minimal yet so inviting and you will feel amazing when you finish applying their product to your skin or hair! 

I chose three products.

Sage & Cedar Scalp Treatment. This is an oil that is to soothe and calm dry sensitive scalps. You simply massage 5 drops on your scalp. You let it sit for 15 minutes. This first step is like the cherry on top for this three step process to soft shiny hair! 

I then chose the Calming Shampoo. This is a great follow-up to continue to soothe and calm dryness. 

I finish with the Nurturing Conditioner. This is the best conditioner to hydrate and nourish dry stressed out hair. This conditioner completes the process and your hair feels so soft!! 

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