I have loved plants for a long time, but I used to kill them all. I would buy what was suppose to be an “easy” plant and would kill it quickly! I was the worst at keeping them alive! It was years before I attempted another plant purchase.

A couple years ago I decided to purchase a plant and then another and another. My love for plants took off while living in Arizona. I began to learn what plants needed more water and which ones needed less. I have learned how much Sun is needed. Each plant is different and its needs are different. You could probably refer me as “the plant lady is the new cat lady.”

People have asked if it takes me a lot of time to care for them and I would say not at all! They are easy! (Ask questions below if you need help!)

For me I love how plants bring life, color and texture to a room. 

Our home has become an urban jungle. Some may think it’s obsessive and others have become obsessed with me and they have now they began purchasing plants for their homes! 

Plants aren’t just for a living room or bedroom but they are great for bathrooms. It makes it feel like a little oasis when taking a shower or getting ready to face the day!

Plants are in every room in our home. Small and large. I have a mix of the typical house plants, cactus, and tropical. The variety makes each room feel alive!

I love to see the different sizes, thickness, texture and variations of color that each plant has. There are so many shades of green and I love that I have a couple plants that even have pink and purples in the leaves.

Some have asked where I find my plants. I have found them at nursery’s, Lowe’s, I have brought plants home from other states and the best are estate sales! Estate sales have plants that have been growing for years and you can never beat the prices on them!

So do yourself a favor and go buy a plant!

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    1. How often do you water it?
      I water mine about every two weeks and will probably do more now that it is warming up!!! I also have mine sitting under a window!

  1. your plants are so beautiful! i have a few that are doing okay, but do you have any go to sites or ways to research how to care for plants? I’ve had a hard time finding a reliable resource for specific types of plants and how to care for them.

    1. Thank you so much! I have found Pinterest is a great resourse to find information to care for plants! I have a lot pinned under my "green" board!!!

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