Welcome to The Retro Room

Scrolling through Instagram can be overwhelming. From imaginative images to inspiration the people you follow can cause you to think differently about the world around you. Recently while looking through IG we found a company that is doing everything right and their products are nothing but amazing! We thought we would reach out to see what got them started and what their dreams are for their business. Here are a few of the questions we had for The Retro Room:

Where do you call home?

We call Los Angeles our home base, but we’re on the road a lot so I feel that is much more home to me.

Where did you get your name from?

The Retro Room came from friends visiting our space in DTLA & as we kept so much candle stock in our loft our friends had this inside joke about opening up a boutique shop out of our loft calling it “The Retro Room”. 

Where do you see The Retro Room in 5 years?

Well, 5 years ago Caresse and I were just 21 so we’d definitely come a long way. 5 years from now I would want The Retro Room to have its Brick & Mortar either in Echo Park, Los Angeles or (seeing if we move to Oregon) somewhere based in the downtown Portland area. 

How do you decide what to sell in the Shop?

For now, everything we sell in our shop is all handmade goods made personally by us. We work with textile companies for our blankets, but do all finishing sewing in our studio. We’d love to carry more handmade curated goods by makers just like us. We support the makers movement and are keen on the idea of showing people the beauty in shopping small businesses.

What do want people to know about your shop?

 I’d love people to see our shop as a very unisex based shop, something a wife can purchase for a husband and vice versa. We market our candles to women and also target our demographics to men as well. We love to tell people that Im (Brian) the one behind all the candle manufacturing, lol you’d be very surprised about the response we get sometimes. We’re trying to tap into something that marketed as a very feminine product & forge a path for males to be able to light a candle by the bedside as well.