For the longest time I wanted a Stag-horn Fern. My friend Sarah and I finally each bought one and a few months later I purchased another one from Camelback Flower Shop in Arizona when I lived there. Sarah and I talked about mounting them for over a year and we finally did it!!

We wanted to share with you how we did it.


Stag-horn (duh!)

Moss, we found ours at Lowe’s

We chose to use slices from a tree trunk that I found at a yard sale for $2! You can use any kind of wood that feels good for your space.

Fishing line, mounting hooks, and small nails 

We began by soaking the moss in water. 

We then nailed the mounting hook to the back of the wood slice.

We hammered nails in a circle about 2 inches wider then the size of the base of your Stag-horn. We placed a nail about every few inches all the way around.

We then took the moss and squeezed the water out. We placed the moss onto the wood. We had a thicker layer of moss toward the bottom.

Then we took the Stag-horn out of it’s original pot and took the extra dirt off to expose the roots.

We placed the Stag-horn on the bed of moss. Once you set your Stage-horn in place you will cover the roots and the dirt completely in moss.

Those brown leaf parts are suppose to be there, so don’t cut them and be sure to point them up!

Then you take your fishing line and cut a pretty long piece. You then stretch the fishing line in a crisscross pattern. You want to stretch it from one side to the other connecting the wire to each nail until the moss feels secure.  (Don’t worry, you won’t see the wire!)

YAY!! You did it! Hold up your Stag-horn to make sure all your moss is secure and then go hang it!!! This will for sure catch the eye of all your guests!! 

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