5 Things

This last week has been busy… well let’s be honest, my life has been go go go for a while now. But this past Saturday we celebrated the twins and our sons birthday. We chose to do one big party for the three of them since this season has been a bit different. We tend to stay busy but having Matt sick and in pain adds a whole new dynamic to our lives. So we chose to celebrate all three in one evening with all the people we love to keep it a little easier. Throwing a party isn’t the easiest and I knew Matt wouldn’t rest but rather help as much as he could no matter how much I begged him to lay down. By 4:00pm (an hour before the party) Matt was ready to sleep. Seeing him hurting and ready for bed confirmed that hosting one party this year was best for him and for us. It isn’t easy seeing him hurt. Everything is still in question as to what is the root cause of the pain. We are in and out of doctor appointments, testing continues and we have to choose to be patient as we wait for answers. We have to choose to believe that answers will come. We have to choose to make the best of our days even if that means Matt is laying down for all of it. We continue to pray and then pray some more, thats where our hope comes from.

On a lighter note… 5 things

I workout 6/7 days a week. It’s my thing. My thing that gives me strength. Staying healthy is super important to me. Working out gives me energy to accomplish everything that is before me. I love better too. I have more joy and it helps me sleep better. The Girlfriend Collective is my favorite activewear. (I will do a full post about this activewear soon).

Do you love listening to music? Music makes me happy too. We listen to music as a family daily and of course a good playlist helps my workout a bit more fun! Lately I have been listening to Today At Apple playlist. It’s a good mix and they continue to add songs that makes the list even better! 

A little over a week ago I FINALLY added a Pilea Peperomioide plant baby! They are so hard to find and I have one thanks to The Sill. I put the new baby on my nightstand. It makes me happy to wake up to. The perfect little round leaves sitting in the perfect morning light!

What is your favorite part of your makeup routine? I have been obsessed with a good highlighter. For years I never used one but the last year maybe two, I started using a highlighter and it has changed my world! I actually have to favorites but the one I am loving right now is from Glossier. It brightens my under-eye and adds a perfect little shimmer. 

Do you love chips and salsa? I would live off it if I could. I am working on my first newsletter to send out to all my subscribers. (Long overdue, sorry friends). The newletter will have my salsa recipe and a step by step on how I make it! Keep your eyes open for the email and let others know to subscribe!