Anxiety is a Trap

Okay okay so it has been a couple years. Yes I said years. Why? Mainly because I have let my anxiety steal me from this platform and many other areas of my life. Just like it steals me from talking on Instagram stories or speaking publicly. It even steals me from showing my creative ideas. It has stolen me from stepping out of my comfort zone. It has kept me from new things and new people.

Anxiety traps me. Paralyzes me at times. 

But, a big big BUT, I am not defined by this. Who I am is NOT “anxiety” but I do find myself battling this often. I am learning that we all live with something that we don’t love but how we choose to live is what it matters. 

I know anxiety will cripple me and I won’t get what I set out to do at times or I it will take me much longer but I am going to choose to show up and not allow another couple years to slip away. Writing feels good. Sharing what I love feels good. Being open feels good so I’m choosing to show up for YOU and for myself. 
I have found that to continue to do show up, I nee you all! You all remind me to show up. We need each other. We need to show up for each other. Thank you for following along. 

So here’s to a new season. Here’s me choosing to show up. 

I hope you will join me as I step back into this world of blogging. I am going sprinkle different parts of my life here and I am thankful you are here to join me.