The perfect pillows for our bedroom!

Over the years our bedroom has been forgotten. Other rooms always took priority. When we lived in our tiny townhome in Arizona last year I took the time to make our bedroom a place we loved being in. So when we returned back to our New Mexico home I wanted to create that same feeling. I wanted it to feel like a little sanctuary and although I feel like there is more to be done, I am loving this space.

Our pillows from The Ivory Gull really adds beautiful texture and pattern to our bedroom. We love that the patterns aren’t too busy and we tend to design with neutral colors, so these pillows were the perfect addition. The stripes with the dark shade of grey is a great contrast to the whites. The one in the chair is the perfect size for our tiny bedroom corner. 

We wanted you to get to know Mia and her shop so we asked a few questions…

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a stay at home mom. I used to work in healthcare and oncology before I had my son. I have been married for almost 5 years. My family, including our chocolate lab, Douglas, live in Snohomish, WA. A small town about 40 minutes outside of Seattle. We are renovating our home little by little but also love to travel. We are hoping to travel to Honduras for our next adventure. 

What inspired you to start The Ivory Gull? Where did you get the name from?

I started The Ivory Gull a few months after I decided to stay home. Even though I worked in healthcare, I always loved interior design and decorating my own home. I wanted to start something of my own since I was home more and thought interior decor was the perfect start. The Ivory Gull was the name of my husband’s sailboat.

How do you decide what fabric to use for your pillows?

I wanted to create a shop with fabrics that were different from what you would find in Target or Ikea. I wanted them to be one of a kind, with fun colors and texture. Mud cloth fit the criteria. Along with mud cloth, I am constantly looking for unique fabrics to add to my shop. 

4. What is your hope for your business?

My hope for my business is to expand outside of textiles. I would love to start including home decor. If I’m being completely honest, I would love to have my own storefront someday….but that’s wishful thinking right now.