BIG ANNOUNCEMENT | Are you ready for it?

We are excited to announce we are opening NO LONGER WANDER SHOP!! Our focus is of course plants along with a well curation variety of our lifestyle favorites!!! So much to share but we are kicking it off with this silly video of us!!! 

Also, meet Sarah! She is a wife and a lover of cats and has a giant dog that is bigger then her! She works a 9-5 Monday thru Friday job and loves it but she has joined me to open up a dream shop. She is filled with so much creativity and talent and I am excited for you all to get to know her more as we begin this very exciting journey!! Get ready for lots of sneak peeks as we get everything set up, and of course there will be plenty of videos and images as we go forward!! YOU GUYS, we are opening a shop!!! What the heck!!! So so excited!!!

BIG BIG THANK YOU to Tess from Spurline Supply Co. She has generously given us an amazing platform to be able to do this and we are forever thankful for her!!! Be sure to follow along her shop as well (@spurlinesupplyco) !!!