Anxiety is a Trap

Anxiety is a Trap Okay okay so it has been a couple years. Yes I said years. Why? Mainly because I have let my anxiety steal me from this platform

Creating from the Heart

I am honored that I can create in a so many ways. I love every “job” I get to do. Not everyone in this world gets to live out their

Towels and Robes by Parachute Home

Let’s just pause for a minute before I jump into talking about my love for Parachute Home. You will notice that my bedroom had a transformation along the way as

Gantri | 3D Printed Lights

It’s amazing what can be created with a 3D printer! The possibilities are endless. When I connected with Gantri I was really excited that their lights are 3D printed because

Black and White | Society 6

As most of you know I design with a lot of neutrals in my home. White and brown tones are my go to but it didn’t hurt to add some


Deep breath… Wait take another one… This is what I have to do often. Pause. Deep breath. Take another step. Face each moment trying to do best. Be present. Focus.

Public Goods

Health is very important to me. My choices from what I eat, to making sure I workout several times a week, to what products I use on my skin. I

Another 13

Who doesn’t want to smell good? For me putting a perfume on daily is just part of my routine! I know some people will use perfume for special occasions or

The prettiest diffuser

I found the prettiest diffuser!! I have never loved the look of one like I do now. The aesthetic of this one is perfect for my home. Both the black

“Through sickness”

“Through sickness and in health”, those are the words spoken when you commit yourself to someone. No one really knows what that means until you face “sickness”. I never thought