Did you hear our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?

Did you see our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Instagram?  We are moving to a new place!! Opening our own store as been a dream for Sarah and I for the last two

Let’s get to know Bekka and her shop

Bekka and I connected over Instagram months ago! We have been talking about collaborating for months and I am so happy we are doing it now during the holidays! I


Our life has been GO GO GO! It has all been amazing yet met with hurt along the way. We haven’t had a chance to just “be” in a while.

We want to build a house!

For years we have talked about building a house but as of lately that conversation has become more serious. Matt and I have so many ideas of what we would

Local Nomad | Arizona

It was the last week that we were living in Arizona when Local Nomad opened. The timing was bittersweet seeing that I would have loved to spend more time in

We are OPEN!!!

We are OPEN! We worked so hard right up to the last minute. 5pm was Grand Opening and I was slipping on my dress right when the clock struck 5pm. Sarah

Do you rearrange your home?

When I was little I could remember my mom rearranging furniture or restyling a shelf. I didn’t get why. I didn’t really pay much attention but I always knew she

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT | Are you ready for it?

We are excited to announce we are opening NO LONGER WANDER SHOP!! Our focus is of course plants along with a well curation variety of our lifestyle favorites!!! So much