CrossWave® Pet Pro by BISSELL® makes cleaning easier!

Sponsored by BISSELL

It’s been a year since our pup became part of our family. We chose a Golden-doodle for a few reasons. Loving, gentle, the perfect curly hair and they don’t shed! We named our pup Lemon and though she may not shed, she does cause some extra mess at times. Going in and out of the dog door she tends to track in leaves or mud from the outside. The most frustrating is now with the sprinklers on for the Summer, Lemon tends to run back inside with her muddy paw prints which are EVERYWHERE. So not only do I need to keep up with normal life messes with three kids and a husband, but having a dog adds to the mess! Thanks to BISSELL’s new pet friendly CrossWave Pet Pro I now can keep up with the paw prints, the extra dirt and more! Though she may not shed, this new multi-surface cleaner from BISSELL is designed for pet clean ups with its Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll which is tangle-free for hair up to eight inches. So for those who have dogs and other pets that shed, you can easily take care of all that hair.

The new CrossWave Pet Pro is perfect for all floor surfaces in our home. It cleans our hardwood floors, our tile and our area rugs, by vacuuming and washing at the same time! Lemon tends to pee a little when she gets overexcited and it’s actually really frustrating to have to clean each time, but with CrossWave Pet Pro and its pet and earth friendly cleaning formula, I can quickly clean up her little puddles. I love that BISSELL wants not just the best for families, but also for the additional pet members of our family. BISSELL helps pets in need! For every CrossWave Pet Pro purchased, and then activated on, BISSELL donates $10 to BISSELL Pet Foundation to help find every pet a home.

Life is busy and like I mentioned keeping up with cleaning around the house can feel overwhelming. I don’t have a lot of time to spend cleaning a machine, but thanks to BISSELL for creating a machine that is easy to clean with it’s strainer that separates the dirty water from the clean which guarantees I am always cleaning with fresh water and formula. The smart touch controls make it easy to switch between the hardwood floors and area rugs! It’s as simple as moving your thumb from one button to another which makes cleaning each surface quick!

Thank you BISSELL for making cleaning for this Mama’s life easier! I can clean the floors in our home knowing that my kids and dog are safe and I can enjoy clean floors!