It’s what you do with the curve balls that are thrown at you

Sarah and I began talking about opening a store about two years ago. The conversation never went any further then the “dreaming conversation”. We didn’t think we couldn’t open a store but it was a matter of the right time. A year of this dream we lived in two different states and the other year was full of conversation of what our store could be and what we hoped it could be.

We were approached unexpectedly to join a collaborative space and open a plant store. We jumped on without a thought. We couldn’t believe that the door opened to begin our journey of pursing a store! (Jesus is so so good!) We pursued our dream fearlessly. We wanted to do our best and give our customers the best! We can’t really express to you how excited we were to see our dream coming to life. We opened in September with big hopes for the future! We were thankful for the platform that was presented to us. A collaborative space with platform for businesses to grow, it was perfect… so we thought! To our surprise the moment we had a chance to bring our love of plants into another space we were treated poorly. Every other vendor had their product and services in other locations but as soon as we were able to expand in the smallest way we were met with disrespect, lack of support and ended it in us being told we had to leave if we were going to expand. Our mouths dropped in unbelief that we were treated this way. Our hearts were crushed. Rather then giving up or allowing our hurt to crush us, we stood strong and pursued our dreams. We were determined to create something great for our city and to bring our dream to life in a greater way!

The Fox brothers met us right where we were at. They showed so much grace and support. They went above and beyond by providing a location right next-door to their new coffee shop! They have given us an opportunity to make our dream come to life in a bigger way! Their belief and trust in us has given us the happiest feelings! We are so beyond grateful! 

This picture represents new beginnings. Life throws curve balls and it’s all about what you do with them. We chose to continue to pursue our dream. We chose to take our hurt and use it to push us to do our best regardless of someone wanting to hurt us. We want to help make our city great! We believe Jesus has greatness as we go forward! We want to be about community. We want to support other small businesses. We want to love people well and encourage others to purse their dreams regardless of people trying to push you down. 

We are so excited to show you what we are working on. We have spent a lot of time working on the layout of the store, pursuing wholesale accounts that we love and of course all the plant babies will be available to purchase! We will have a lounge area for you to drink coffee in our jungle! We cannot wait for the doors to open!! We have so many things ahead! Thank you all for your love and support… and patience as we build out the new shop! We are getting so close! The floor is in, new lighting is up and the walls are painted! We will be open very soon! 

Here’s to 2018! Love people. Pursue your dreams. Work hard! YOU WILL BE BLESSED!