Let’s get to know Bekka and her shop

Bekka and I connected over Instagram months ago! We have been talking about collaborating for months and I am so happy we are doing it now during the holidays! I love my dark grey pillow and  my blue throw she sent! I don’t really style with blues but I am obsessed with the throw she sent me!

I wanted you all to get to know her and her shop and so I had her share more of her story with us!

How did you get started?
I studied Fashion Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and after graduating, I was so scared to lose momentum! I’m from New York, and love it soo much, but knew I had months of interning before I’d be offered any type of income, even after already dedicating every previous summer off from college to being an unpaid intern. (This is just the manor of the industry right now, especially in New York. It is so competitive that you are expected to work for free before being hired, even after finishing your degree).

So, I kind of packed up my car two weeks after graduating and moved to Los Angeles! I miss New York every day, but I also was craving the adventure a new city brings. When I first got to LA I was living in Downtown with some friends. I was taking any freelance gig I was capable of completing, freelancing everywhere. I was drafting patterns for small women’s streetwear brand, designing for a childrenswear start-up, and freelancing with an interior designer. Since I had some bitter feelings towards the fashion industry at the time, I really saw my inspiration blossom from everything I was learning in Interior Design. I felt the same drive and passion for dressing a space as I had initially felt for dressing a model. It was all about colors and textures, and creating a certain feeling aesthetically from something in your head.

I was also just getting into my very first apartment of my own, so it all kind of fell together at the right time. I applied everything I learned in Fashion to Interiors, and obviously kept learning as I went! I continued to freelance (and still do!), but jumped right into having my own business at the same time. I’ve always wanted to create a voice and an image through starting my own brand, and being able to share that brand and allow others to experience a part of that image in my head too. 

How did you come up with your name?
I was really stumped on my name for about 3 days after deciding to start my own

business, literally already had product, and could not find the inspiration for a name that felt right. Until…I saw a great Black Mirror episode on Netflix one late night. The Twilight-Zone-meets-Futuristic-Technology-Gone-Bad series had a particularly aesthetically pleasing episode touching on digital afterlife: a place called San Junipero.

It was a stunning episode that fulfilled all of my deepest desires for visual inspiration. Not only were the aesthetics of this “San Junipero” place so perfect to me, but the concept of the episode spoke to me as well. The concept of San Junipero parallelled perfectly to the business venture I was about to embark on: a place of “heaven on earth”, and second chances in the afterlife.

And so it became, San Junipero Textile Studio: repurposing and upcycling vintage materials to create new products, thus giving these materials a second chance at life ;). Little did I know the episode would blow up like it did, winning two Emmys recently!! Congrats on inspiring the whole world, San Junipero!!! 

What are your long term goals?
As I become more and more enthralled with the world of Interior Design, I’ve noticed

myself dreaming up some amazing furniture pieces in my head. I’m dying to design and produce San Junipero’s first furniture line down the road!

How do you maintain a work life balance?
Work life balance is hard for me! I run my own business as well as freelance for clothing companies and graphic design projects on the side, and I’m only 24. Its definitely hard having such a different lifestyle from the typical 24-year-olds I know, who dread work and can’t wait to party on the weekends. I find that the best way to stay true to myself as an artist and not feel a strange “guilt” about how my life “should” be, is just to do what feels right to me. If I want to stay up until 2am working on something I’m inspired about, I will. If I want to take 3 days off and go lay pool side in the desert, I will. I’ve also learned that I need to give attention to ideas I have that may be totally unrelated to San Junipero or my freelance clients. It’s all about really listening to what your soul is asking for, while being respectful to any deadlines or responsibilities you may have. And not becoming a hermit in your design studio. Easier said than done, for sure, but I’m learning everyday how to better balance my life.