We all know most men get a thrill out of lifting weights but did you know some women do too. I am one of those women! I hear it all the time that most women are scared to lift weights because they think they will become bulky and that just isn’t true. I mean yes anyone can become bulky but it’s rare a woman becomes bulky other than by choice to become that way. Also, I sure don’t look bulky, do I? 

In a previous post I shared I lift weights and I wanted to extend that conversation. I started lifting when I was young. My parents trained me to lift and when I say lift, I mean they taught me to lift heavy. The challenge was how heavy could I lift. My dad was and is really into lifting, but no surprise right, he is a guy. BUUUUT, my mom, my tiny mom lifted heavy while I was growing up. I mean she was curling 25 pound weights and still to this day she lifts (it’s a bit different as she as gotten older and faced cancer, but she is still at it. She also does 5 minute planks, what the what!). So yeah I was taught to lift HEAVY. This is something I love, something that doesn’t intimidate me at all and I love being in the gym! I love feeling pushed by just the people around me. I am a bit competitive! I was actually talking to my mom yesterday about how she loves being able to lift heavier then a guy and I was like ME TOO! I was working out my back the other day and it felt really good to be lifting heavier then the young guys next to me! It may seem silly, but again that competitive side of me comes out and it was just satisfying to know my hard work was paying off. 

Anyways, all this to say is that lifting isn’t just fun to me or satisfies my competitive nature but I truly love it because of the benefits. Did you know lifting burns fat? Did you know that lifting improves your physique and doesn’t make you bulky? Did you know you burn calories? Did you know you will feel more confident about yourself? All the these questions end in one big fat YES YES YES! 

Lifting burns fat. Don’t look at the scale… as you replace your fat with muscle, at one point you will actually see the scale go up but you will see your waist become smaller, your legs and arms become toned and you will even see abs form! Muscle weighs more then fat. Now, if you have a lot of fat that you need to burn, you will see the scale drop and that will be encouraging and as there is less fat, muscle will grow and then you will see your physique change. For me, I have been lifting heavy consistently since August and I see huge changes physically and I love it. I also have gained 7lbs since I bumped up my weight in the last two months. I would have freaked out if I gained 7lbs a few months ago but I know that I am lifting consistently and again heavy. I also know that I am eating really good. I also see the physical changes so the 7lbs didn’t freak me out. I have become leaner and toned which feels amazing!

My mental health is the best it’s been in a long time. If you have been followed me for a while you know that I can struggle with depression and anxiety. You also know this season has been one of the most difficult seasons with Matt’s health, but I have felt good regardless of the challenges. I am facing each day with hope and strength and I know that is Jesus and I also believe it’s from my consistency in the gym and eating good! 

You burn calories too! So I burn 200-300 on the stair master alone, but I then burn even more lifting for a solid hour or so. Each day is a little different depending on what muscle group I am focusing on that day. I do abs everyday too! Burning calories helps your brain, heart, hormones and metabolism too. Who doesn’t want all these parts of their body to be healthy! 

Now, everyone is at different stages in their lives. I get that lifting can feel overwhelming or intimidating and thats okay. You can start slow. When you join a gym you are usually given 1 or 2 free sessions with a personal trainer, USE it if you have never lifted weights. IF you have a friend who lifts, ask them to help you! You want to be safe and you will also benefit more if you know how to do it right. The trainers are there for you! Also, if you have the money, pay them for a longer time until you feel comfortable! You can start lifting 2-3 times a week. You can then do 2-3 days of cardio on other days. Whatever feels best to begin, DO IT. In order to accomplish your goals health wise, you gotta just start. Also, eating… eating healthy is so so important. Eating healthy is going to bring a lot of change on its own. Pairing the two is where you will see drastic changes! Not only will you lose fat but you will become toned! So just start. If it isn’t getting to the gym, then go clear out all that unhealthy food out of your kitchen. Just start!! You won’t regret it!

All this to say! Be patient with yourself, make changes, and know you are more capable then you think! I feel confident in the gym, but I continue to learn how much more I am capable of in the gym and outside of it as I challenge myself! You will become more comfortable and confident in the changes you make as you stay consistent!  I also have goals. I am still wanting to be more toned and I am working hard to reach my goals. I haven’t reached where I want to be but I am proud of my hard work so far. I was working out prior to last August, but since August I made more of a change. I committed 5 days a week and that is when I started eating the Keto way. Now I am in the gym 6-7 days a week and I am still sticking to Keto. I also hated cardio but I am now doing cardio everyday I go to the gym. I have grown to enjoy the stair master and I also have seen huge changes physically too! I have met my past goals and continue to challenge myself and set new goals! You can too!

I would love to hear any questions you may have. I also would love to hear your goals and plans to fulfill them! Remember YOU ARE MORE CAPABLE THEN YOU THINK! Be healthy! 


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