Men, you are going to love these scents | Emerson Park Shop

The scents of everything Emerson Park Shop ARE INCREDIBLE!!! I don’t write this statement flippantly. I am a scent freak! I make my own colognes, beard oils incense etc… I have no idea how they came up with such amazing fragrances (it’s way harder than you can imagine to get the right mix). The shampoo/body wash is my favorite. Eastern Shore 2 in 1 is an impossible mix of cologne and holy shit relaxation magic. You’ve got to try it all but that shampoo though has to be the Grand Entrance to this line.

We asked the owner/creator of Emerson Park to help us understand how they make this magic happen. Here is what he said:

What inspires different scents for your products?  –  We have always loved the outdoors and the east coast port feel. We decided to combine the two while coming up with different scents. From our Eastern Shore line to Harbor Lights, We wanted to bring that vibe to your home.

How did you come up with your name?  –  While trying to come up with a name I decided to add a little bit of a personal touch. I used my middle name Emerson and then felt like Park kind of flowed and it stuck.

Goal for products? – We would really love everyone to experience these scents and put you in a relaxed mood. We really focus on wholesale right now and would like to be on the shelf with as many as possible.

Shampoo smell?  –  When developing our 2in scents, we decided to go with our Eastern Shore which has hints of amber, cherry, and cedar which put you in a relaxing mood. With Harbor Lights, we wanted to freshen up a little so the notes of Bergamot, tangerine, sandalwood, and rose were used.

What is next to develop?  –  Right now we are getting into accessories, such as leather bound travel mugs, flasks, notebooks, shave brushes and matchsticks for our candles. With all the requests we will be looking into expanding our fragrance options in our products!