New schedules, new people and new adventures

We arrived from our Idaho trip Sunday and it was so beautiful. We flew into Salt Lake, explored for a day and then Saturday drove to Sun Valley to photograph an amazing wedding!

In the last week we photographed 4 weddings and the kids started school this week. It’s been a very full week of work, adjustment, and adventure. Each of us here at home is adjusting to new people and new schedules. The girls started third grade this year and are in different classes. They are twins and since they were born they have been side by side in this life but I think it is really important for them to have time apart. Although they are identical twins I want them to learn to be who they were created to be. I love to hear the conversations they are having with each other after school. My girls look alike but their personalities are so so different and I love this about them. I love too see more of who they are as each year goes by and I am trying to understand deeper of who each of my girls are so I love them each well!! 

Same for my son. He started kindergarten this year. Oh how time flies by. I love my boy. His first day was easy. No fear. No tears. He just did it and I was proud. I can learn so much from his ability to just go into new surroundings with no fear. As you know from prior blog posts I can struggle with fear, but my son doesn’t. He just goes for it. Meeting new people is something that he is so good at. He asks me “Mama can I go say hi and play with him/her?”. I love that He doesn’t let fear hold him back and I hope that fear will never keep him from pursuing all that he loves.

So we are adjusting to a new schedule. Kids have to be in school at 8:10 and picked up at 2:30. During the time they are in school I plan to spend those hours at home working. When I pick them up from school I plan to give my full attention to them. I want to be sure I am fully engaged into each area of life so I can do best. I am far from perfect and my life can be messy and priorities can be out of order but in the end of day I love everything I do. I love being a wife, I love being a mama of three, I love our dog Lemon, I love my job and I love what is ahead! Jesus’ grace is full, His redemptive love is real and I am thankful for HIs kindness in my life. 

So here’s to new schedules and adjusting to our next season! So much to be thankful for!!! Also I am back on track to blogging!