Scattered thoughts on wanting to accomplish it all

October is here and I can’t believe it! 

Where did August and September go? 

I have been adjusting to not only running a photography business, but opening a store has been a big adjustment. It’s taken more of my time which means I need to adjust what my days look like to be able to fully give my all to everything that is before me. I find myself always evaluating how my time is spent because it is easy to get things out of order. I struggle with feeling like I am not accomplishing everything I would like in a time frame I would want. At times I feel like I am not paying enough attention to my kids or my husband. So as of today I feel like I am a little behind then I would like and I think I am going to work on scheduling my days out in a little more detail, have you done this?

Right now my days (Monday-Friday) are waking up at 7am. I walk into the bedrooms to wake up the kids, open the curtains, and of course start coffee. Then back to the rooms saying “seriously it’s time to wake up.” I hear “ugh why do we have to get up”. Then finally 7:15 everyone is up. Breakfast is started. Kids dressed. Usually music is playing as I try to get everyones day going.

Kids are dropped off. I head home to the morning mess and probably some of the mess from the day before and begin to tidy up the house. I make another cup of coffee and my mind starts going a thousand miles an hour. My thoughts filled with all the things I need to do, should have done and what is ahead. Some days I jump right into the list and others days I sit with my second cup trying to tell myself to get to work. Sometimes when my list of “to do’s and “should have done’s” is really long I shut down for a few because I become overwhelmed and I just want to do something mindless. I usually find myself 20 minutes later beginning to work on my list. I find so much satisfaction in accomplishing my list, my dreams and working hard. 

Right now my days are mix of editing, checking on the plant babies at the store, answering emails, cleaning, folding laundry, sweeping the floors, scrubbing toilets, making beds, hugging my kids, reading books, snuggling my husband, making dinner, trying to blog and squeezing a mindless Hulu show in. I continue to dream and think about how to make those dreams come to life. I seek out times throughout my week to be with people I love and investing in those people.   Right now between the time I drop off my kids and when I need to pick them up, I don’t have a specific plan. I don’t have a schedule created and I am realizing that I think if I were to schedule those hours that that my days would be more productive and I would be less stressed. I believe I could be even more present in the relationships that are important to me and in the list of “to do’s”. Once I pick up the kids, we come home for a snack and then we head to the gym. I find that my gym time keeps me strong physically and emotionally. I feel amazing even on the days I feel I drag my feet to get there. I am pretty religious about being at the gym 4-5 times a week without a doubt.

Then back home to cook dinner. The kids do their homework, clean there room from the morning mess, unload the dishwasher to be ready for the mess after dinner, play time and so on. By 8pm kids are getting ready for bed and reading time. Usually once we tuck them in we spend until 9pm begging them to be quiet and sleep. As much as I love listening to their conversations nd giggles, sleep is good. 

I feel like I have my list of what I wanna be doing and what things I have put to the side (I want to accomplish it all). I think to be able to do everything I need to make a daily schedule so I can accomplish it all and keep priorities right (Jesus, Husband, Kids, People and work/dreams)

Do you have tips on how you do it all? 

Do you find scheduling your days is helpful?

Do you have any other thoughts?