This is my little buddy. Grey likes a good movie but he quickly gets board watching them. He is a big fan of legos and doing things. He likes to stay busy doing rather then just starring. I am thankful that this is part of his personality. 

This world is different nowadays ays. So many of my friends and I talk about how when we were kids there was freedom to go explore outside the walls of our home and get lost in that, but now there is so much fear that keeps us from feeling free to let our kids explore like we once did. It’s a different world which means as parents we have to do things differently to keep our kids creative and adventurous. Sometimes being home can get boring but finding toys that inspire our kids are so helpful. Screen time isn’t a bad thing but I think having other activities is really healthy for our kids minds! 

I am really grateful that my son seeks out other ways to play. These blocks from Babai Toys are so fun! The challenge to see how high you can build and it’s all about being able to balance the blocks. You can set them up in a way that up to four people can play together. In this case, Greyson enjoyed using his imagination to create and build alone. He spent time playing with these for a bit and wanted to leave his creation in the same spot for the rest of the day since he was so proud of what he did!! I really enjoyed watching his response to these! 

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