Summer break is coming to an end. School shopping as begun. Lazy afternoons are nearing and movie mornings will be replaced with rising early for school. This summer has flown by way too fast but getting back to a schedule is something I am looking forward to. 

As a working mama, I love having my kids home but if I am honest, I struggle with balancing it all. Being fully present in each area my life can seem near to impossible some days. I am thankful that each morning is new, filled with opportunities to grow, change, learn, and keep pressing forward. I am thankful that I get to be a wife, a mama, a business owner, friend and I am thankful I have a home to tend to. Although I feel like I am behind in some area of my life most days, I am still thankful. I have really been focusing on being present in each aspect of my life and I am finding much joy in that. Yes, I have an ongoing list of “to do’s” but I am just stopping in whatever moment I am in and being fully present. Whether that being reading a story to kids, scratching my husbands back (it’s his favorite thing), being a listening ear to a friend, editing thousands of images, or folding laundry, I am trying to do it to my best ability! So yes Summer has been filled with adventure and fun, but getting back to a schedule will be really helpful! It’s a bittersweet time to see Summer break end and school begin….

Do you feel behind or have a hard time being fully present? What do you do to readjust your life or thinking to be able to be fully present?

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  1. Hi, random fretines from brazil! I’m also a wife, mama and small business owner. my kid will be at school this semester and I’ve started dwelling on time management and routine. Could you talk about that? About the business checklist and how do you balance and plan things. Thanks

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