Different Seasons

Life is filled with so many different seasons. Some seasons it feels like I can conquer the world and everything in it seems so beautiful. Those seasons are immersed in

Off the shoulder by Shop Doen

When I first laid eyes Shop Doen my heart skipped a beat. Every piece is nothing short of gorgeous. This top sends me deeper into my dream of wishing Spring

How we chose our shop name

Why we chose to name our shop “No Longer Wander” Well first off, the name became known when the blog was launched.  When I officially decided I would blog, I

Towns Hair Shop

First off, I am so proud of Brittany and Bree. They are two women who are strong, beautiful and their hearts are big. They have each impacted me in ways

We opened!!!!

We can’t express how excited we are to let you all know, WE ARE OPEN!  OPEN OPEN OPEN!! No longer are all our plants babies shoved in my office. All

Did you hear our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?

Did you see our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Instagram?  We are moving to a new place!! Opening our own store as been a dream for Sarah and I for the last two

We are OPEN!!!

We are OPEN! We worked so hard right up to the last minute. 5pm was Grand Opening and I was slipping on my dress right when the clock struck 5pm. Sarah