Breath of fresh air | Amanda

Editorial work allows me to create in ways that breaths life into my soul. No timeline. No pressure. No rush. When I spend time creating in this way it allows

Full day in the office

The evening is coming to an end and I about to head to bed. I wanted to say THANK YOU for the out pouring of love and support from you

Summer break is coming to an end….

Summer break is coming to an end. School shopping as begun. Lazy afternoons are nearing and movie mornings will be replaced with rising early for school. This summer has flown

I used to kill all my plants

I have loved plants for a long time, but I used to kill them all. I would buy what was suppose to be an “easy” plant and would kill it

Ten Things

The sun shone brighter this week and the air felt warmer. I wore dresses without sweaters and it felt so good!  My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came in from LA