Deep breath… Wait take another one… This is what I have to do often. Pause. Deep breath. Take another step. Face each moment trying to do best. Be present. Focus.

“Through sickness”

“Through sickness and in health”, those are the words spoken when you commit yourself to someone. No one really knows what that means until you face “sickness”. I never thought

Wear Proclaim | You are BEAUTIFUL

We are beautiful! You, me, them, us… beauty is part of us all. I am my biggest critic of myself but I think that is most peoples struggle. I think

Be a Cool Girl | Neo Threads

Supporting locals is important! I love seeing people in my city pursuing what they love and being creative in their journey. About 6 months ago I met Sarah who loves

Hilary | Lumafina

Instagram for the win, yet again!! Made another connection with a really rad maker! Hilary makes stunning jewelry and I am so excited to share these two rings that I

Breath of fresh air | Amanda

Editorial work allows me to create in ways that breaths life into my soul. No timeline. No pressure. No rush. When I spend time creating in this way it allows

Looking for the perfect pair of clogs?

I first learned about Bryr Clogs little over a year ago. I was searching for the perfect pair and I couldn’t get over how beautifully made Bryr Clogs were. My