Towels and Robes by Parachute Home

Let’s just pause for a minute before I jump into talking about my love for Parachute Home. You will notice that my bedroom had a transformation along the way as

Black and White | Society 6

As most of you know I design with a lot of neutrals in my home. White and brown tones are my go to but it didn’t hurt to add some

Another 13

Who doesn’t want to smell good? For me putting a perfume on daily is just part of my routine! I know some people will use perfume for special occasions or

The prettiest diffuser

I found the prettiest diffuser!! I have never loved the look of one like I do now. The aesthetic of this one is perfect for my home. Both the black

Mixing metals | Rebekah J Designs

Happy Saturday friends. I am excited for a lots of reasons. Matt goes in for surgery this week. The doctor is fuzzing the lower part of his spine and that

Redesigning the office | Part 1

Have you had a room that seems to constantly change because you just don’t know what to do with it? Maybe this is just my own design struggle. We have been in


I am in Montana sitting in my hotel room starring at all the lush green foliage outside. This desert girl is used all shades brown. I love the change of

West Perro | Desert Inspired

Well you guys, it looks like we will be entering a new season! Matt recently had another MRI and it showed clearly that he has no disk in his lower

Be a Cool Girl | Neo Threads

Supporting locals is important! I love seeing people in my city pursuing what they love and being creative in their journey. About 6 months ago I met Sarah who loves

Staying creative | Babai Toys

This is my little buddy. Grey likes a good movie but he quickly gets board watching them. He is a big fan of legos and doing things. He likes to