Different Seasons

Life is filled with so many different seasons. Some seasons it feels like I can conquer the world and everything in it seems so beautiful. Those seasons are immersed in

Choosing to be thankful

The last two weeks have been difficult. My anxiety had swallowed me up. Joy and peace seem to be so far from reachable some days I didn’t know how to

5 Things

This last week has been a whirlwind. Normal life mixed with unexpected battles. I keep telling myself this is a season and Jesus has us. Learning to trust that TRUTH.  It’s

Hilary | Lumafina

Instagram for the win, yet again!! Made another connection with a really rad maker! Hilary makes stunning jewelry and I am so excited to share these two rings that I

Off the shoulder by Shop Doen

When I first laid eyes Shop Doen my heart skipped a beat. Every piece is nothing short of gorgeous. This top sends me deeper into my dream of wishing Spring

Mom’s need a timeout chair

I don’t know about you but I don’t function well in a messy home.  Mess to me means I can’t do anything else until it’s cleaned. Mess to me means

Kirsta’s take on ceramics is beautiful

It’s the day after Christmas and if you’re wondering what to do with some of that gift money, you should hop over to Krista’s shop and treat yourself!    Krista’s ceramics

Did you hear our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT?

Did you see our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT on Instagram?  We are moving to a new place!! Opening our own store as been a dream for Sarah and I for the last two

Let’s get to know Bekka and her shop

Bekka and I connected over Instagram months ago! We have been talking about collaborating for months and I am so happy we are doing it now during the holidays! I