Towns Hair Shop

First off, I am so proud of Brittany and Bree. They are two women who are strong, beautiful and their hearts are big. They have each impacted me in ways that have made me a better human and I am really grateful to call them my friends. Them together makes one hell of a team. They are using their talents to not only make people feel beautiful but they want to leave a mark on peoples hearts. They want to make our community better and they strive to bring glory to JESUS. I love them and I believe that the future holds even greater things for them. Go get your hair done and expect to walk out feeling loved and inspired! 

I am excited for you to get to know them a little more… keep scrolling! 

Can your share a little about who each of you are

Bree: I’m Bree. I’m originally from Southern California but was raised in Albuquerque and I’m home here. I’ve been married for two and a half years and my husband is super handsome and talented and sweet. I like reading and writing, and I’m pretty sure I’m an introvert. My family is my favorite. I love macaroni and cheese. 

Brittany: I’m Brittany. I love Jesus and I became a Christian when I was 21. I’m married and my husband’s name is Aaron! I like to call him A-A-Ron. I’m a New Mexico native. And I’m obsessed with the New Mexico skies, most of the photos in my phone are of that. I love crafts- I’d try my hand at pretty much anything. Community/people…family and friends make my world go round!

Share a bit about your friendship

Bree: My friendship with Brittany was a gift from Jesus at a time when I really needed it. Over the past 8ish years, we have been with each other through all of life’s ups and downs. 

Brittany: Bree was actually my husbands best friend first, I like saying that I stole her from him. She originally said no to him dating me and I think I asked her to coffee or something like that and then all was history from there! The girl is solid, she’s one of the biggest believers in me. We really have seen it all with each other. Our stories couldn’t be any more different yet the same. Gosh, I thank Jesus for her.


Share a bit about going from not only best friends but business partners is like. What does that dynamic look like

Bree: People say you should never work with your friends. They say you should never live with your friends either. Now we’ve done both and we’re still standing. Our friendship as well as our business partnership is built on mutual trust and respect for one another. It’s built on consideration and honesty. Our relationship with Jesus is the standard. He unifies us. And when He is the center of a relationship, everything else falls into place. We are not perfect. We’ve miscommunicated and misunderstood, we’ve come to work grumpy, we’ve argued. But who in the whole entire world doesn’t have their moments? The deepest friendships are the ones that persevere. 

Brittany: Yup, what Bree said….our foundation is with Jesus. It all just fits and flows through that. I love working with her. Before we started this new venture, we said that our friendship had to come first which can be hard because we our lives are so intertwined, intentional friend dates are a must! The agreement was that we always put in 50/50 and you know what? We just stay true to that.

Your salon is gorgeous, what inspired its design?

Bree: I think Brittany would say the Scandinavians inspired it’s design, right? We wanted our space to be clean and fresh. We wanted bright, natural light, greenery, and fresh air. We built around those elements and incorporated different pieces that would support our overall vision. 

Brittany: The actual Scandinavians?!…well maybe a little mix of scandinavian/modern design is what inspired us. We both have simple and minimal taste. At the beginning, we just had to make due with what we could get our hands on like tons of DIY, thrifting, friends stuff (OR utilizing our thrifty friends – you know who you are!) and using our owns belongings from home to fill the space. Now we are really simplifying our taste and creating our vibe. We laugh about if we will ever be done with redesigning the space, but I don’t know if that will ever truly happen.

Where did you come up with the name Towns?

Bree: My husband likes this musician named Townes Van Zandt. He suggested the name for the shop after it was permanently vetoed from ever belonging to our future human child. 

Brittany: And I was all for it, love it.

What compelled you both to start your own salon?

Bree: We’d always talked about working together one day. At the time it seemed like a far-off and limited plan. I think Jesus just arranged the right timing, opened the right doors, and opened our eyes to the possibilities of what we are actually capable of right now.

Brittany: Oh and our husbands did! They are dreamers and doers, they said there was zero risk to this. Not necessarily true, but here we are actually doing it!

Where do you hope to see your business in the coming years?

Bree: We’ve got big vision for what we want Towns to be in the future. We won’t say too much about that now, but we’re excited about some brewing ideas and the chance to learn and grow. (Yes! -Brittany)

What do you hope each client feels when they are in your salon?

Bree: We recently had a guest tell us that she felt relaxed, refreshed, supported, and encouraged when she came to Towns. We hope each of our guests feels like that. 

Brittany: Right! Our hope is that , to love people!