We are OPEN!!!

We are OPEN! We worked so hard right up to the last minute. 5pm was Grand Opening and I was slipping on my dress right when the clock struck 5pm. Sarah walked in after a full day at her other job looking beautiful! Last week was crunch time. We spent till 9-10pm each night trying to get everything built and styled. Our wallpaper was installed and looks amazing! Thank you Wall Garnish for installing our wallpaper. (Be sure check them out!!) 

Opening a store is no joke but we are so honored that Tess from Spur Line Supple Co invited us to open a shop in her space. We are so beyond excited to be apart of this shop concept and we believe this is the beginning of making Albuquerque great! The area of town we are in has other inspiring creatives with the same hope of wanting to make our city great! We look forward to seeing the community rise up and make amazing happen alongside each other!

We have only been open since Friday and we learning a lot so far. We are seeing what we need to add and are beginning to talk about what product we want to bring in for the Holidays. We want to bring in items that represent New Mexico as well as other items we love! We have a high hopes for our future and we are so thankful for all the love and support so far!