For years we have talked about building a house but as of lately that conversation has become more serious. Matt and I have so many ideas of what we would want in a house. We spend a lot of time in our home. We also love hosting the people we love so any renovation we have done to our home now, we always talk about everyone that we love to make our space somewhere they feel comfortable in. So of course we talk about that as we think of building a home.. We want a space that is a very open floor plan. We want more closet space… yes it seems silly to mention. We live in an old 50’s home and yes we love it, but there isn’t even a closet in Greyson’s room. The closet in Matt and I’s room is so small we have to put Matt’s clothes in the tiny hall closet. So you get the point why I mention wanting closets. We also want to stay minimal in our design. We want to have lots of windows that allow the natural light to fill every room. Natural light is so important to both of us. As photographers and as plant lovers, we want some good natural light to fill our space! Big dreamy windows and sky lights are a must!

Matt and I love wood.  Matt worked with wood for 14 years when he ran his own business. We really love that wood brings a natural warmth to a space, we love the texture and it’s really gorgeous. The plan would be wood and white. We feel it’s the perfect base to any other design we add. No matter the color palette we may choose over the years, we feel that that base will allow for anything!

So do I know when we can really begin pursing this, not yet. We have some land options to peek at and begin getting a better understanding of what is out there. Do you have an insight about buying land and building a home? 

We also want to keep our home that we are in now. We love this home. We love that our babies have began their lives here, we love that we have renovated it into something we love and we don’t want to let it go. We love the memories that we can created here. So rather then selling, we want to flip into an AMAZING Airbnb. We want to create our home into a space to draw people to New Mexico. Our State is very slowly rising up and we want to bring change and hope to our city. We love being part of a a community here that is filled with people wanting to make our city better. People are opening stores, coffee shops, community spaces and more. We feel having an Airbnb would draw more people to New Mexico. We want to bring more good to help make our city great! We see so much great happening in the last 6 months and we are so humbled to be part of that and want to continue to be part!! Having our plant store has been so so amazing! 

I pulled these inspiration images from Pinterest if you want to see more!

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