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Anxiety is a Trap

Anxiety is a Trap Okay okay so it has been a couple years. Yes I said years. Why? Mainly because I have let my anxiety steal me from this platform

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Creating from the Heart

I am honored that I can create in a so many ways. I love every “job” I get to do. Not everyone in this world gets to live out their

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Gantri | 3D Printed Lights

It’s amazing what can be created with a 3D printer! The possibilities are endless. When I connected with Gantri I was really excited that their lights are 3D printed because

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Deep breath… Wait take another one… This is what I have to do often. Pause. Deep breath. Take another step. Face each moment trying to do best. Be present. Focus.

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Public Goods

Health is very important to me. My choices from what I eat, to making sure I workout several times a week, to what products I use on my skin. I

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Another 13

Who doesn’t want to smell good? For me putting a perfume on daily is just part of my routine! I know some people will use perfume for special occasions or

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The prettiest diffuser

I found the prettiest diffuser!! I have never loved the look of one like I do now. The aesthetic of this one is perfect for my home. Both the black

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